Nature is very beautiful and beneficial to us in so many ways, ranging from the economic benefits to the health benefits and so much more. Today, we will discuss an aspect of nature -Sulforaphane and its health benefits to us especially in helping to fight cancer. There is quite a vast variety of chemicals and compounds offered to us by nature which plays a vital role in the health and development of the human body. These chemicals and compounds provide the body with a lot of benefits in helping it to keep fit, and one of the most popular of them is Sulforaphane which is also referred to as SFN. Sulforaphane is normally found in vegetables that are cruciferous (broccoli sprouts for instance) and has a lot of benefits to the human health such as helping to fight cancer, it is antimicrobial, it is neuroprotective, helps the body to fight against diabetes and even helps to slow down the process of aging, the list is almost endless. Plus, it isn’t really an expensive or difficult to buy food supplement as it can be gotten from common vegetables like broccoli sprouts, Brussels sprouts.